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Debating whether my fan level for Coeur de Pirate is strong enough to buy a Folk Festival pass just to see her.

Well now that another round of university is around the corner time to list things I’ve done this summer.

1.Worked and got tons of money.

2. Started and finished The Office

3. Bought a new amp

4. Discovered Chvrches became obsessed with them for a while.

5. Saw Pentimento and Gates, but missed Have Mercy due to their van breaking down.

6. Went to Warped Tour, like I do every year since I’m br00tal.

7. Listened to my friend Paul and Steph’s song Afterthoughts 200+ times since it’s that good.

8. Went to Florida for 2 weeks, and 3 days in the Bahammas (TREAT YO SELF)

9. Saw Coeur de Pirate at the end of May in Toronto.


11. Got my essay on International Space Law published!

12. Started using the phrase Cool Catz. It will catch on.

13.Wrote 2 guitar tabs for Wayward Daughter’s songs, and posted it on Ultiamte guitar. This is an acheivement since my last tab I posted was 4 years ago.

14. Bought a huge poster of Olivia Wilde that takes up almost a whole wall in my room.

15. Learned every song off The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place

16. Watched all the classic coming of age films from the 80s which I have been avoiding throughout my life.

17. Bought a Wii U and Mario Kart 8

18. Started Game of Thrones the TV show and finished all th episodes so far. Watching the show is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while since I’ve read books 1 through 5 prior. It was cool seeing certain parts of the books on TV.

I didn’t do many significant things this summer asides from the space essay, or maybe I did and can’t remember things offf the top of my head. 

My guilty pleasure movie

My guilty pleasure movie

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